30 December, 2006

Philosophia Naturalis #5: Call for submissions

On January the 4th, this blog will host Philosophia Naturalis, the physical sciences and technology blog carnival. If you've written something good about physics, astronomy, earth sciences, gadgetry or any other relevent topic, send me a link and share your sciblogging wisdom with a wider audience. Also feel free to share any other good stuff you've found in your browsings. My email address (now in the sidebar) is c.j.rowan * at * gmail.com. Send in your nominations before you get yanked away from the internet and forced to interact with your families, so that we all get a nice treat to recover from the trauma in the New Year.

To those of you with your own blogs - given that HA is not (yet) read by everyone on the Internet, I'd appreciate if you'd cross-post this call for submissions to get the word out a bit further. I'll refrain from threatening cephalopod infants this time...

Note:Using the awesome power of Blogger, this will remain the headline post until after Christmas, and new stuff will appear below it. That's the plan, anyway.

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Wildtype said...

hey, what about us?