10 January, 2007

Westminster: bastion of scientific illiteracy

Miss Prism’s MP favours ”a balanced approach to the various theories of origin." in secondary school science classes. Odd, I thought we were talking about evolution, not the origin of life.

So far, 2 out of the 7 MPs that are known to have been contacted about the Truth in Science packs appear to be comfortable with mixing up empirical science and religious faith. This is admittedly a small sample size, but taken with the fact that more MPs felt moved last November to rejoice about 100 years of Rugby League than register their support for the Early Day Motion about Truth In Science, it doesn’t exactly instil great confidence in our elected representatives. At least the Department of Education were prompted to action, making a strong statement which my MP gave me a preview of (update: and people coming here via the Truth In Science should definitely read). And heartening scepticism of the commentators on this short article by Truth In Science member Richard Buggs is a nice contrast to the norm, too.


Lab Lemming said...

Anything to take the focus off the cricket.

Can the queen take knighthoods back?

CJR said...

We weren't quite daft enough to knight the cricketers, they got OBEs and CBEs I seem to remember. You can indeed be stripped of your honours for dishonorable or criminal conduct - I'm not sure if 'presiding over a return to the depressing status quo' counts or not...

Besides, a world where the England cricket team looks competent is a strange and unfamiliar place to someone who grew up in the late 80s and 90s... the return to form is comforting!