04 February, 2007

Prepare for 7 days of pure science

After a lot of dithering, I've signed myself up for the Just Science Challenge:

we would like to propose a Week of Science, to begin on Monday, February 5, and end on Sunday, February 11. During that time each blogger should post about science only, with at least one post per day. Furthermore, issues which are favored by anti-scientific groups (creationism, global warming, etc.) should be either avoided, or discussed without reference to anti-scientific positions.

I like to think I am fairly science-focused anyway, or at least that my digressions into other realms do not overwhelm the geology. But I like the idea of having a week where we don't let creationists, denialists and the other forces of antiscience dictate any of our output. Besides, it's always nice to stretch myself, and a post a day is enough of an increase in my average output to be a nice challenge, even if I've cheated a little by putting in a fair amount of preliminary groundwork.

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